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We know how to make your event taking-off by facilitating access to electric recharge

Electric mobility and the events related to it will be common in the calendars of trade fair institutions, competitions ("eco-rallies"), activities of motorcycling clubs ("Xtreme Challenge") and the promotional activity of many municipalities and other local bodies.The interaction of potential customers and dealers´ and distributors ‘representatives will be one of the typical activities in the day to day of these events. Commercial brands will be able to measure their success by the number of tests and the kilometers traveled by their latest models during the days of the fair or the showrooms, or the organizers by measuring the effectiveness in the controls of the rallies.

In full&fast we have the necessary tools and means to make the recharging of the electric vehicles which are going to be exhibited and tested simple and reliable, with the flexibility provided by having a rental with all the necessary services during the days that the event lasts, neither more nor less.

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What do we offer?

Comprehensive "Turnkey Service" ready for the event

When contacting full&fast, our technical team will study the number and type of vehicles, the test schedule, the frequency of use and the "breaks" necessary to plan the recharges and their power, optimizing the availability of vehicles for the tests and ensuring the efficiency and quality of the recharges. All our equipment is verified before each event and we carry out the installation in accordance with the regulations (RT BT 52) accompanying each of them with the authorized installation certificate and validated by the competent body.

Image and messages tailored to the company

We also know that the presence of a company at a fair, presentation day or workshop, needs to be supported by a careful image, capable of transmitting to the attendees the messages pre-defined by the company. For this reason, our charging stations can be customized and adapted to the "slogan" and corporate image of the company, both in the "wallbox" and "totem" recharge configurations through the assistance of our marketing teams specialized in corporate image, either with customer designs or with alternatives proposed by full&fast.

Online technical assitance during the event

Our technicians can monitor the performance of the charging stations, and correct in real time those incidents which can be solved remotely (communication problems, counter resets, personalization of on-screen messages).

Our remote access system allows, at the end of the event, to issue reports of consumption, schedules and frequency of each of the charging stations, so that users know the real demand for energy consumed, and the number of recharges and hours of maximum influx. This will serve to improve the company's ability to provide better service in future editions of the event, and add to each of them the data corresponding to the amount of CO2 reduced.

Power and energy there where it is need

full&fast charging solutions have the added advantage of having 100% mobile systems. We offer recharging services, installed in light commercial vehicles, which guarantee access to service any vehicle that needs to recharge its batteries wherever it is.

What if we do not have enough electrical power? full&fast has solutions that make it possible to feed several charging stations for an event, without access to the electricity grid, or with access to it for cases in which we want to have high power in fast charging.

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