Green energy

End-to-end sustainable energy supply services

End-to-end sustainable energy supply services


The aim is to offer companies, network services, decentralized and flexible, thanks to distributed storage systems (stand-alone systems with integrated batteries).

With capabilities to serve grid operators, electricity companies and provide companies with a tool that allows them to optimize their consumption. Our turnkey project methodology is based on:


Needs study

We analyse all the existing conditions and look for the most reliable solutions with the lowest economic and time impact.


Design and optimization

We design and optimize the installation of the necessary equipment under two premises: energy efficiency and available power.


Certification and legalization

We take care of everything, we certify the installation and carry out all the necessary legal procedures for its implementation, including subsidies.


Deployment of the system

We take care of the facilities installation looking for the optimization of the existing resources of the company and other important issues such as the available space.


Integration of business and energy solutions

Integrating information related to the equipment (energy consumption, registered car drivers...) together with the company´s own management tools.


Dismantling and relocation

We study each project so that in case of relocation your elements are reusable to the maximum.


Follow-up and support

Generation of activity and maintenance reports.


Financing studies

Different options to suit the needs of each client.

We have solutions for every sector

What capacity do you need?

Per power

up to 275kW per unit (parallelizable up to 5MW)

The basic electrification of a home of less than 160m2 of useful surface area: 5.75kW; the average power contracted is between 3.45 and 4.6 kW.

By autonomy

up to 400kWh per unit (parallelizable up to 7MWh)

The average annual electricity consumption per household is 3,487 kWh, which implies an average monthly consumption of 291 kWh per household.

Marking CE
Battery systems 1kWh (30kg) - 400kWh (8.100kg)
Rated output power 300W - 275kW
Applications Mobile power, peak shaving, back-up / UPS, grid services
Network connection single/three-phase 230/400 Vac, up to 400 amperes
Output connectors Shuckos; CETAC Single phase/Three phase
Air conditioning available Liquid-cooled batteries, air-cooled power electronics compartment
Frecuency of work 50Hz / 60Hz
Average operating temperature (-) 20ºC / 40ºC
Transport By road and by sea ADR class 9, UN 3536, UN 3481
Minimun warranty batteries 7 years; integrated battery system 2 years
Applications/Use Professional
Humidity 0-95% (no condensation)
Minimum degree of protection IP54 / IK10 (screen and vents IK08)
Security Remote management, detection and control systems
Standards NEN3140, NEN3840, ISO9001, ISO14001, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Battery Directive 2006/66/EU. IEC 61439, IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-102, IEC 62271-103, IEC 62271-200.
Available accessories Ethernet communication.
OCPP 1.6 compatibility.
RFID / NFC card authentication.
Interface by screen.
Steel enclosure highly resistant to adverse enviromental conditions
3G communication
Wi-Fi communication

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